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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Now you don’t have to depend on any friend or newspaper to find your new home. You can just Google and find homes according to your desire. There are a number of property portals where you can find properties with full details in good deals. Refine them depending on the location, budget and other factors and then you can select the one you want. Do proper research, contact different marketing agencies. Do a proper site visit and then if you find the property appropriate to your needs, go for it.

    Everybody has different wants, so be specific as to what you want. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is the location. Do not compromise on the location. Look for connectivity and transportation facilities, always. They matter the most in daily life. Choose and spend time on properties that are within your budget. Do not miss out on the amenities and specifications. If you’re spending, you obviously deserve the best of amenities. Think about the future and then make decisions about the numbers of rooms but also keeping the budget in consideration. Do check the dimensions of the rooms and its size in the floor plans. Keep these things in mind and get the home of your dreams!

    The demand of the property is rising day-by-day and therefore
    most of the buyers buy the homes during the construction stage and in some cases, even before the construction starts. But
    what you need to remember is that it has its own pros and cons. Generally, the price of the property increases after the project is
    complete. So it’s a good decision to buy the property
    beforehand, if you want to save some of your hard earned
    money. When you buy an under construction project, the total
    payment gets broken down to smaller fragments and it’s easier
    to pay the money. Talking about the cons, it might happen that
    the builder promises you a lot but doesn’t deliver the best. The
    quality of construction, raw materials may not be that great.
    Under Construction projects are taxable under GST so it adds a
    good chunk of money to the final price. Then there are many
    other charges, deposits and taxes added to the final price, so
    look into that.

    Total Consideration means the total amount to be paid for the
    said unit and the properties pertinent thereto and it is not inclusive of other amount, charges, stamp duty, security deposits, registration fees, municipal taxes and any other charges that may be payable by the purchases.

    Agreement for Sale constitutes the terms and conditions of a sale of a property agreed upon by the parties, and also binds  them. The terms and conditions include the amount at which it is to be sold and future date of payment.

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